Hakuba Area Topo Map with English Labels

Hakuba Area Topo Map with English Labels

The English translations on this topo map were done by Hakuba MountainLife. It took us a lot of effort, and is a work in progress. The latest update is 2016.07.03

The base map is from the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI). We have labeled all geographical features with English.

The topo is presented in 1:25,000 scale with 10m contour intervals, and is almost identical to the paper GSI maps you buy in shops. The datum is JGD2011.

We have only translated those labels which are on the corresponding paper GSI maps. And we have only translated three of those paper maps, covering most of teh common backcountry areas near Hakuba. They are arranged vertically north to south. The map names are: Shirouma-dake, Hakuba-chou, Kamishiro. We may add more in the future. You can change the zoom level, however the translated label position and may not be appropriate. Zooming out generally does not present useful contour lines anyway.

NOTE: Click on the map button to open the map. It will expand to fill the entire browser window. To return to this page, you will need to use your back button. Please report any interface bugs and errors. I am a guide, not a java script coder. -damian

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