Easy :-)


25 Feb 2020


4 days


72,000 yen, per person

Accommodation & Meals

Not Included


Hakuba Based

Group Size

4 people

4 days in Hakuba's backcountry

This is my most meaningful tour, helping skiers and snowboarders get into the backcountry for the first time with easy days and technique coaching. Each day builds on the last, and you will be amazed what you can achieve by the end.

What's it about?

This tour is all about you. The backcountry always requires some effort and has challenges, but it doesn't have to be hard and you don't need to suffer. Unless you have a bad guide. On this week we will honestly start out as easily as possible and do everything possible to make it fun. The timing in February is so that we have some better weather and a deeper snowpack, meaning less scrub in the trees and overall more accommodating conditions.

Tour Difficulty

Easy - Suitable for upper-intermediate skiers/riders and backcountry beginners. Please read our skill and experience definitions before signing up for a tour.

Who does it suit?

Those who are strong in resort, but have very little backcountry powder and tree riding experience. Please understand that it is not suitable for beginner or low intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Even though this is a beginner week, we will not do lift-laps. Every run will require at least 30 minutes of hiking, some will require 2 hours.

Rescue Insurance, Cancellation and Ability

Comprehensive mountain rescue insurance is compulsory. For more important info on that topic, and our cancellation policy, please see below, or here.


We will all meet in Hakuba on the first morning of the tour. Each day will be at the classic locations in town and by the end of the week if it is appropriate we may get out for something a little less common.


  • 4 days of professional guiding with an ACMG qualified Ski Guide and a tail guide.
  • Lunches


  • Compulsary personal mountain rescue insurance (see below).
  • Transport before and after the tour. You have to get yourself to Hakuba.
  • Accomodation
  • Meals


Never go hungry. It has long been our tradition to supply complimentary packed lunches on our backcountry tours. This is to help those without access to kitchens or shops (Hakuba is very spread out). This is a complimentary service and if you are staying in self contained accommodation, or have easy access to shops, or have special dietary needs then please supply your own backcountry lunches.


A detailed gear list will be provided after booking. In the meantime, please consider the following.

  • 3-antenna digital beacon, and a proper avalanche shovel and probe.
  • Touring skis or a splitboard. No snow shoes, sorry.
  • 30-40 liter backcountry-specific backpack capable of carrying your skis or snowboard. Smaller packs are too small, and that includes most rental packs.
  • Warm down or synthetic puffy jacket that can be worn over your shell jacket. A combination of lighter jacket and vest is also a good option.

On this tour you will be uncomfortable in heavy and bulky resort clothing. You will get by, but it isn't ideal. 

Be honest about your abilities.

No refunds are given if you are unable to keep up with a tour due to fitness or backcountry experience below that required by the tour.

Please read our definitions of skier/boarder skill levels and backcountry experience.

Rescue Insurance is Compulsary.

All customers MUST have their own mountain rescue insurance which covers mountain helicopter rescue, hospitalization and repatriation to their home country. This is your responsibility. You will be required to provide proof of insurance before attending any tour.

Travel insurance seldom covers all of this. Even if your travel insurance has special cover for "off-piste" or "guided backcountry",  it probably does not cover helicopter rescue, or may require you to contact the insurer before calling a helicopter, which is not practical.

We will not arrange short-term local insurance on your behalf as it seldom covers non-Japanese residents. And becasue you have no chace to review the policy fineprint. And because in the event of a claim, you would have to read and write Japanese to correspond with the insurer.

Booking and Cancellation.

Availability is filled on a first-to-pay basis. To secure a booking you will need to pay in full in advance.

No refunds are provided for any cancellation after November 1st, unless we can find a replacement.

TRAVEL CANCELLATION INSURANCE AT THE TIME OF BOOKING IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Check with your credit card company if they provide this cover at the time of payment.