Hakuba Backcountry Conditions Summary

06 January 2020
At last, we had our first winter storm, but it was small. 100cm at treeline. Perfectly ok, except that we are missing a few meters of seasonal snow already, so we need numerous sequential storms like that  to try and catch up.  Presently there is no tree skiing, not enough snow. Happo and higher terrain are good, with limitations.  The next weather event is heavy rain on the 8th to maybe 2100m. Sorry. And maybe another rain hit around the 13th, uncertain. With snowfall here and there next week. 

Avalanche: we have a rain crust and thin snowpack in our bigger easy access avalanche terrain. I'd be pretty careful after any new snow. Options are limited, which is never good for risk management when competion for snow is high.


The info on this page is intentionally brief. Use at your own risk.

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